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February 9, 2017
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Running a chain of bakeries is not without its share of challenges. A host of activities have to be coordinated to prevent snags. For a bakery chain information has to flow from one end to another. Connecting multiple resources like centralised production, pricing and tax are possible with an integrated bakery management system. To successfully achieve our goals, we have partnered with Wondersoft for implementing the latest applications. As a result, it has helped us connect with our other outlets. In fact, our association with, a personal wedding planner has become much smoother with the help of such software applications.

Our specially designed bakery and confectionary POS solutions are loaded with features that are used to support various other business models. The best way to make your business organised is through professional software. It makes it easier for a smoother workflow. The reasons listed for owning a software for a cake and bakery chain include:

Focus on the business
Having too many software can make matters worse. The workplace needs customization, and too many software can hinder the process. The harmony in work is ruined when there is too many software, and the employees get confused.

Understanding your needs
A bakery business has certain specific needs that have to be fulfilled. This includes labelling ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates, MRP and nutritional qualities. When it comes to edible products, it becomes a necessity.

Personalized software
Software can be customised for any type of business, and it helps to function better. With a personalised bakery and confectionary software, your business can function better. You can work at your own comfort level.


Managing inventory
The primary role of the software is to manage the inventory. To optimise the management of stocks, it is important to have an inventory software. It takes care of cake and bakery production, inventory levels and any shortage of raw materials.

Enabling growth of your business
A good software can help in running your business smoothly and in a cost effective way. It is easier to expand with all the software in place. What could have taken longer and consumed more expenses will be cheaper and quicker. The results will be satisfactory as the buyers will turn into loyal customers.

The cake and bakery software is user-friendly and can take care of all the operations of the store. Some of the features that go into the software include accounting, invoice, billing, taxes, purchase, inventory management and more. Some more features include multi-branching, addons, tally import, auditor view, mobile app, sales, access, bank synchronisation and process and operations and process.

The features are unlimited and can be customised to meet the needs of the cake and bakery chain. Apart from inventory and production management, the need for labour calculator, sales history, recipe and formula and nutritional analysis can also be added to the software. Professionals at work can get the best cake and bakery software meeting all your business demands. A centralised kitchen management, production management, sales order tracking management, price management, ingredient management, authorization and auditing, financial accounting management and multiple business support.

Building a customised Point of Sale solution with loaded features supporting multiple business models can prove beneficial for a cake and bakery chain.


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