Five Party Planning Tips To Turn You Into A Pro

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December 28, 2018
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A lot of people get stressed at just the idea of planning a party. For them organising and hosting a celebration is intimidating.

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Fortunately, with a few tips, anyone can host a memorable affair like a professional. We promise that without breaking a sweat all the work will be done and you’ll be laughing with guests in no time.

Always plan slowly

The one trick to a successful party is planning it slowly over a period of time. When you finish all the chores in one day, you are bound to make some mistakes. Therefore, divide the components. Instead of doing everything on a hectic Sunday, start with creating the menu on Monday. Then work on the centrepieces on Tuesday followed by décor on Wednesday. You get the idea. Focus on one thing at a time and have downtime in between

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Organisation is the key

How do you plan slowly and yet complete every task well before the D-Day? By getting organised. Create detailed lists for every job that has to be finished and then write down a master list that contains all the tasks. When you break down a project, you divide it into small workable errands which ensures that every I is dotted and T is crossed. For example, when you pen down a shopping list, it is a guarantee that you do not forget even the littlest thing.


Themes are fun

The most cumbersome part of a party is décor and food. An easy way out is to pick a theme and then choose the decoration and cuisine that matches with it. For example, if you are throwing an English Summer Lunch birthday, you can have pastel coloured décor in a garden with subtle music playing and a buffet that has light, finger foods. Plus, themes make any celebration more fun by adding a touch of frolic to them.

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Don’t be a maverick

It is tempting to try new ideas and concepts while hosting a party but the rule of thumb is to stick to what you know. This especially implies if you are hosting a party for the first time or have a short preparation period. The day before the affair is not the right time to start a DIY décor project.

Send the invites early

Until and unless it is last minute gathering, invites should be sent well in advance. Do not assume that every guest will be free for the party. Give them the time to plan their events. An additional tip here is to pick out sophisticated and chic stationery for the invites. They create anticipation and look just gorgeous.


  1. Sathya says:

    Planning a party doesn’t exclude the daily chores a person needs to do. My two cents worth is on tackling everyday tasks within the golden triangle – work, office and home. Every household chore should be completed within these commutes to free up time for planning the actual party.

  2. Poorna says:

    Themes do make organizing a party easy and fun but picking an esoteric or obscure idea can genuinely spoil it. This is the most common advice I have come across. The apt technique is to select a theme that is known to all and simple to plan.

  3. Manoj says:

    I give a Hail Mary on the early invitees. It has saved a lot of get-togethers from being ill-attended. But let’s say it slipped your mind to mail the cards, then the trick is to post e-vites. They reach people within seconds and can be graphically interactive, which is always fun!

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